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Genital herpes symptoms

Genital herpes affects each person differently, and the symptoms can vary from severe to none at all.

Common signs leading up to an outbreak may include tingling, itching and discomfort in the genital region. During an outbreak, the mild symptoms may progress to a rash and blisters or lesions that burst and turn into ulcers. Some people also experience a fever, and pain in their back and buttocks.

However, not all outbreaks have such obvious symptoms. Many people don’t realise they have genital herpes, often dismissing their symptoms as common conditions such as thrush. This highlights the importance of discussing any recurrent symptoms with a doctor.

Signs of an outbreak
Tingling, itching and redness
Blisters or lesions which burst and turn into ulcers; rash, small cracks or fissures in the skin; flu-like symptoms; pain in the back and buttocks
Outbreak areas
Anywhere on the genitals (including the vulva, vagina or under the foreskin), the groin, in and around the anus (if infection was passed on through anal sex), on the buttocks, lower back or thighs